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  • AFTER THE SHOW: Murphy’s Magic

    Murphy has MAD management skills! Can we all use these tricks? 🤔   Want to hear more? It’s a fun Friday! Murphy is tempted to spend $1000 on a table?? All the ways you and the kids are going to be Taylor Swift-ed this weekend. It’s back to school time so No Bake energy bites are […]

  • AFTER THE SHOW: Redheads Need More

    Jodi’s reveal about natural redheads – that some folks just can’t believe. 😮 ❤ Want to hear more? In Music News, Sam’s going to tell you how a lawsuit is going to reshape the NFL’s theme song. Why you should let your kids fall apart a little bit after the school day is over. Jodi is […]

  • AFTER THE SHOW: Single Life

    Group Therapy! Why is Sam not dating? 🤔 Want to hear more? Help Jodi figure out what to buy for a 90 year old. Should it be a problem if Sam’s daughter is dating someone from one of HIS rival schools? We finally have a name for the new James Bond movie and we’re also continuing […]

  • Going Retro at Modern Prices (Murphy’s Recommendations)

    If you know someone who’s “going retro” with vinyl and is just getting into it, here are three simplified ways to  consider enjoying your new ( or reborn) hobby. Shopping for vinyl can be fun, and in some cases can wind up costing more than the turntable itself 🙂 I like to break them into […]

  • AFTER THE SHOW: Retro Costs Money💰

    Murphy & Jodi are REALLY enjoying their daughter’s new hobby. Want to hear more? Sam comes up with a life mantra to live by The dirtiest thing in every woman’s purse. The cool retro thing that Murphy and Jodi’s youngest, Phoebe, has in her room now. When you follow the podcast on iTunes or the […]

  • AFTER THE SHOW: Little Girls Grow Up

    Sam is having a hard time with something his daughter Maddie did this weekend. 😭   Want to hear more? A school nurse will let us know what’s the number one reason for a kid to come see her. In music news, Sam’s going to tell you why it’s Taylor Swift week (she’ll be everywhere). How […]

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